The West Coast has truly embraced this Taiwanese drink, with places popping up all throughout Metro Vancouver. What is it exactly that makes bubble tea so “tea-rrific”? Maybe it’s those chewy boba pearls, or the refreshing flavours, or just the insta-worthy aesthetics. Whatever the case, we’re spilling the tea on the hidden gems of bubble tea hot spots throughout Coquitlam – by neighbourhood – that are truly snap-worthy.

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North Road / Koreatown

Tie in a visit to Koreatown, exploring the shops and restaurants along North Road, with a hydration stop at one of these local favs

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice

Picture your old-school slushie. Now add interesting toppings with texture, bold flavours and fun colours. Check it out at 501 North Road – popular orders include the Brown Sugar Pear Latte, the Passion Fruit & Mango Slush, Bubble Gaga (Passion Fruit Tea) and the Pear Milk Tea.


Share Tea

Having originated in Taipei, Taiwan, this popular chain is now across 16 countries, specializing in black tea and pearl milk tea drinks. Among the top 10 are the Peach Kiwi Tea with Aiyu Jelly, the Thai Tea Ice Blended with Pearl and the Classic Pearl Milk Tea. Again, you can choose your pearls, sweetness and ice level. Their Coquitlam location is at 435 North Road.

City Centre

Hop off SkyTrain at any of the City Centre Coquitlam stops (Coquitlam Central, Lincoln Station, Lafarge Lake-Douglas) for your bubble tea-hopping and shopping tour of City Centre. Here you’ll find Coquitlam Centre and Henderson Place Mall, not to mention a range of independent and big-name shops.

Big Orange

Coquitlam Centre is one of B.C.’s largest shopping malls, with close to 200 stores. Stop by Big Orange for a fresh fruit or traditional bubble tea to fuel your shopping adventure. The most-requested drink right now is their Mango Slush, featuring tree-ripened mangos blended with crushed ice.

Bubble Waffle Café

Located in Coquitlam Centre Bubble Waffle Café serves up popular street snacks such as café curry fish ball, egg waffles, rice noodle roll, stinky tofu, fish soup noodle combo, fruit drinks and tapioca drinks. Make it a bubble waffle and bubble tea combo to go!

Bubble World Coquitlam

Being one of the more established business in the area, they have a loyal following and some tried-and-true favourites. They offer a range of drinks including fruity bubble teas, slushies, shaved ice, teas and coffees – plus Taiwanese cuisine – at 120 – 2991 Lougheed Hwy.

Inside Out Tea Loft

How does a Mango Slush with Brown Sugar Pearls sound? Or their Brown Sugar Pearl Tiramisu Latte? Trust us – they taste even better than they sound. They’re located at 1180 Pinetree Way, just outside of Coquitlam Centre.

Inside Out

Gong Cha Bubble Tea

This well-known chain is now located across 10 countries with more than 1,500 locations, serving their much-loved recipes around the globe. Start by picking your tea, followed by your toppings (including a range of pearls, jellies, foams, beans and more), then choose your sweetness level and ice quantities for the winning recipe. They’re just outside Coquitlam Centre, at 290 – 1175 Johnson Street.

Ninja Bubble Tea

Take a walk down the foodie strip of Glen Drive and you can’t miss this bubble tea hot spot (bonus they have cool food items too) with the immediately recognizable ninja logo out front. It’s definitely one to try, with great energy and winning recipes, at 2972 Glen Drive.

Wonderland Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt? You bet. But this is about bubble tea and Wonderland has that too. Choose from a selection of milk teas, fruit tea and milk foam bubble teas, with toppings including jellies, pearls, Oreo, red bean and more, catering to the Eagle Ridge neighbourhood, in Eagle Ridge Plaza across from Eagle Ridge Outdoor Pool.

Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

This Taiwan-based teahouse chain is one of the newer places on the block, opening with much local fanfare. Try their new peach or coconut milk series and watch for other new flavours on the menu. They’re near Coquitlam Centre and SkyTrain at 1161 The High Street #3.

Austin Heights & Maillardville

Plan to do some furniture shopping on United Boulevard? Or watching a movie, bowling or checking out the shops of Austin Heights? Another highlight is Rochester Park, home to lush forest, walking trails, a newly renovated playground and a spray park.

These activities require refreshment. Here are two to choose from.

Soul Cup Café

Soul Cup

Their drinks are a work of art, with slushes taking things up a notch. They’re bright, bold, full of flavour and with lots of variety appealing to all tastes. You’ll find them at 1071A Ridgeway Avenue.

Pearl Fever Tea House

This Coquitlam-born business has now expanded to six locations and counting. Popular drinks include the purple-coloured Taro, the Matcha-Oreo Ice Cream and the Mango Ice Cream. Stunning to look at and even better to taste. They’re in Maillardville within the entertainment district, at 228 Schoolhouse Street (with a second location in City Centre).


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