As the days get shorter, and cold, dreary weather becomes more commonplace, it’s no wonder that people are looking for ways to spend their time indoors. While it might be tempting to hibernate at home under some blankets, winter is a great season to try new restaurants and to support some favourites too.

Fortunately, Coquitlam boasts hundreds of options that can help turn the colder months into a celebration of flavours. From intimate fireside retreats to the best spots for festive celebrations, we’ve compiled a list of restaurants and eateries that will help you savour this winter with every delectable bite.

Seasonal Tasting Menus

Be it your Grandma’s infamous cranberry sauce or a hot toddy with friends after hitting the slopes, there are just some flavours we can’t help but associate with the holiday season. Whether you’re planning an all-out holiday feast for your family and friends or you want to soak in all the joyous feelings of the season through food, here are some options with seasonal menu features that are sure to warm your heart (and your belly) this winter:

Morning Tide Eatery – Back by popular demand, you can order from a special holiday take out menu anytime in December to enjoy a festive meal at home without any of the hard work. Mouth-watering choices for mains include prime rib, miso cod, turkey, and lamb shanks.
Address: 8-228 Schoolhouse Street

Cakes n Sweets – There is something undeniably fun about eating bite-sized treats while sipping tea from a fine bone china. To get in on the fun, try a winter-inspired high tea menu with seatings available from Tuesday to Sunday. Gluten-free, kids, and vegetarian options are also available – call to reserve.
Address: 2773 Barnet Highway







The Wild Fig – An absolute must for buffet-style dining with festive features. While there are multiple celebrations throughout the month you can partake in, you’re not going to want to miss the Santa brunch or the buffet dinner service on Christmas.
Address: 1-405 North Road

Where to Find Comforting Bowls in the City

As winter’s chill descends upon us, there’s a universal craving for warmth and comfort that transcends the season’s frosty touch. And what better way to satiate that longing than with a steaming, soul-soothing bowl of goodness? From rich and hearty chowders to aromatic noodle soups, here are some places serving up a bowls of culinary comfort to warm your soul even on the coldest of days:

Soup Plus – A low-profile, hidden gem on Austin Avenue offering hearty soups, sub sandwiches and bagels.
Address: 1102 Austin Avenue

Sho Bu Ramen – Located inside Henderson Mall and featuring various types of ramen comfort classics for a price that can’t be beat.
Address: 1007-1163 Pinetree Way

Chada Thai – Best known for their Thai curries and stir-fries but you’re not going to want to miss their Khao Soi noodle soup that’s only available until December 31.
Address: 107-2991 Lougheed Highway








Pho Super Bowl – Just like their name suggests, they have huge portions when it comes to their pho with plenty of noodles and meat.
Address: 555 Clarke Road







Austin Fish & Chips – Dive into a bowl of coastal comfort and transport your taste buds to the shores of New England with each bite of their clam chowder.
Address: 1119 Austin Avenue

Restaurants with Fireplace Ambiance

Nothing beats the ambiance that a fireplace can provide. Whether you’re looking to add a little extra romance to a date night out or you just want to enjoy the added relaxing and inviting atmosphere of a fireplace during your dining experience, these restaurants have got you covered:

John B Pub – With a unique spin on upscale bar food and inventive monthly food features, this suburban gastro pub is designed to have something for everyone.
Address: 1000 Austin Avenue





Me n Ed’s – A family-owned restaurant offering perfectly crafted pizzas topped with quality fresh ingredients for real pizza made with real love.
Address: 1121 Austin Avenue

The Keg – The perfect place to connect, create memories and indulge in mouth-watering steaks, prime rib and seafood.
Address: 130-2991 Lougheed Highway




Joey – Committed to making memorable experiences with handcrafted, locally- and globally-inspired menu offerings.
Address: 550 Lougheed Highway

Fairways Grill & Patio – Set on the mountainside, enjoy the locally sourced diverse menu and receive the finest level of service, while taking in views of the Lower Mainland.
Address: 1630 Parkway Boulevard

Cozy Cafés for Winter Warm-ups

Cafés aren’t just places to savour a cup of coffee. They’re sanctuaries where the chill of the winter season is met with the warm embrace of comfortable nooks, inviting aromas, and the soft glow of ambient lighting. The following are some of Coquitlam’s coziest cafés that promise not only just a cup of warmth but an entire experience wrapped in comfort:

Creekside Coffee Factory – Located on Barnet Highway and off Westwood Street offering a serene escape where every cup is brewed to perfection.
Address: 19-2773 Barnet Highway & 103-3000 Lougheed Highway







Café Blanc – Committed to service and quality with coffee and desserts made in-house daily from organic, locally sourced, and fresh ingredients.
Address: E-341 North Road

Beanery Coffeehouse & Eatery – Nestled in Panorama Drive and redefining café culture with coffee and delectable meals that are crafted to delight your senses.
Address: 101-2591 Panorama Drive







IBEX Café – Serving the Burke Mountain community, this spot has some of the best brews and bites the city has to offer.
Address: 3537 Princeton Avenue

Coffee + Vanilla – As a locals’ favourite café, here you can enjoy specialty coffees, French macarons, and delicious pastries.
Address: 1054 Austin Avenue

Hidden Gems for Intimate Gatherings

‘Tis the season to embrace the warmth of connection, express gratitude, and forge meaningful bonds with loved ones. Amidst the festive hustle, there’s no better time for gatherings and celebrations that become cherished memories. And guess what? We’ve uncovered these hidden gems that are waiting to be the backdrop for your year-end stories, laughter, and joy:

On & Off – Great ambiance with even greater food choices and customized cocktails to create a truly unforgettable experience.
Address: 2662 Austin Avenue







Naan Club – Serving authentic, high-quality Indian cuisine in a delightful, modern atmosphere.
Address: 102-100 Schoolhouse Street

Rio Brazilian Steakhouse – Indulge in a culinary experience where you can delight in unlimited servings of Brazilian barbecue, complete with choices of hot sides and salads.
Address: 2729 Barnet Highway

Tabom – Here, you’re guaranteed a satisfying meal with unforgettable fusion-style Korean culinary delights.
Address: C-1046 Austin Avenue




Shio – Offering a combination of traditional sushi and Japanese dishes along with original menu items to ensure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
Address: 102-1168 The High Street

That Place Italian Restaurant – A staple in the Maillardville community for authentic Italian cuisine in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
Address: 932 Brunette Avenue





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