Playground Insider: What the Kids Are Saying

Ask any local what they love most about living in Coquitlam, and they’ll tell you that the city’s location to nature is one of its greatest assets. Ask any kid…they’ll tell you our playgrounds are where it’s at!


Queenston Park

Amalie, 5

“I like the big slide ’cause it’s really fast. I like the lineup for the slide because I’m kind of nervous.”

Rochester Park

Harper, 3

“I liked the zip line thing that I sat on. When I hit the end of the zip line it bounced off and I bounced really high!”

Blue Mountain Park

Adrian, 9

“I love the spray park. I like how you can run through the water challenge (tunnel)!”

Rochester Park

Caleb, 9

“I like the wooden climber. It’s awesome!”

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