Top Trails for Two Wheels

WE’RE ALL GEARS! There’s nothing quite like the freedom of two wheels – and in Coquitlam that means exploring some of the best mountain biking around.

Coquitlam has great terrain and a developing network of trails that wind through Eagle and Burke Mountains. Similar to Vancouver’s North Shore, riders will find big climbs, exciting drops and extra-technical terrain.


  • Coquitlam River Trail           (Beginner) – Head out and back to the waterfalls
  • Burke Mountain (Intermediate/Advanced) – From the parking lot at Harper Road, head down Franks Trail, then ride back up Harper and connect to Dawg and Hustler
  • Eagle Mountain (Intermediate/Advanced) – Challenge yourself on Imby, connecting to Physio, Eastbound & Down, Hammer Time and Blueline

Burke Mountain and Eagle Mountain trails are located on private property: please respect all signage. Also remember that trail beds are sensitive and that riding them in wet weather should be avoided. Be sure to check out the Tri-Cities Off Road Cycling Association (TORCA) for tips on etiquette, upcoming events and trails to ride.

If you’re just getting started or want to practice your skills before heading out, you can gain confidence and master new tricks at two bike skills parks in Mundy Park. Beginners will want to start at the circuit designed specifically for the novice and can work their way up to the intermediate circuit, which includes obstacles like a timber teeter-totter, log stacks, bridges and a boulder drop-off.

As soon as you begin exploring the incredible network of bike trails on both Eagle and Burke Mountains, you’ll understand why Coquitlam is a mountain biking mecca. This is the destination of choice for riders looking for technical singletracks, and obstacles like bridges, drops, jumps and rock faces. Check out and for all the information you need for your ride.



Singletrack – a narrow (single file) mountain bike trail
Skinny – a narrow wooden beam raised off the ground
Hardtail – a bike with front suspension but no rear suspension
29er – a bike with 29” wheels as opposed to 26” and 27.5” wheels
Dropper – a seat post with on-the-fly height adjustment


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